Spitting into the well...and in Obama's eye

By Anonymous
March 23, 2010

Hours before Netanyahu was due to meet Barack Obama, Israel proved how much it really doesn't want peace. It has given final approval to a group of settlers construct 20 apartments in a controversial hotel in East Jerusalem.
The Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah was purchased by American Jewish Casino tycoon Irving Moskowitz, who is an influential supporter of the extremist Ateret Cohanim yeshivah and heightened Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem, plans to tear down the hotel and build housing units for Jewish Israelis in its place.
The local planning council initially approved the plan in July, a move which angered Britain and the United States and prompted them to call on Israel to cancel the plans. The council issued its final approval for the project last Thursday, which now enables the settlers to begin their construction at once.
What more proof is needed that Israel is run by fire starters, twisted fire starters.


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