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By Miriam Shaviv
August 23, 2010

While VS Naipaul is engrossed in a row over his portrayal of Africa, his wife's comments on Jews have gone unnoticed.

In the Times Magazine on Saturday (sorry no link - it's behind a paywall), Lady Naipaul casually comments:

"What have they done for him here [in the UK]?... He gets the Nobel and there's not even a letter from Downing Street. You have to  be a Jew, Alan Yentob or something, to get up there. It was the Indians who celebrated...."

Worst of all, the interviewer, the highly talented Sathnam Sanghera, doesn't even call her on it. Apparently those kinds of comments aren't even noteworthy any more.

UPDATE: Sathnam Sanghera replies, via Twitter:

you're right, I should have called her up on it. but it came as I was literally getting out of the car to catch train.

plus it came after 2 hours of not dissimilar comments directed variously at Africa, the English and Indians


Jonathan Hoffman

Mon, 08/23/2010 - 12:32

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They sound like a bizarre couple:

"Naipaul's bigotry oozes out. "Woggies," "infies" (for inferior types - as compared to whom? The whites? Him?), "spear-throwers," "bongo drums" (in relation to Uganda) abound in his discourse. The poet and fellow Caribbean Nobel laureate Derek Walcott said Naipaul would soon get his come-uppance were he to direct his oft-praised "frankness" to Jews. Naipaul's attitudes come through clearly in his travel writings. India he first detests and then embraces enthusiastically seeing in the extremist Hindutva movement a resurgent civilization laid bare by Muslim conquests. His hatred of Islam increases in inverse proportion."

Sathnam Sanghera - highly talented?

I beg to differ. He is a bogstandard run-of-the-mill hack. I do not understand what people see in him.


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