Single focus lens

By Jenni Frazer
February 19, 2009

Ok. I have now officially had enough. An email slimes its way into my inbox from an anti-war group in Brighton. It is, they announce brightly, anti-war art week. So it was no surprise to read about an art exhibition dedicated  to photographs of the 2006 Israel Lebanon conflict. Fair enough, I thought. Then I trawled through the list of participants. Besides the photographer of this exhibit, there is "a Palestinian al-Jazeera journalist", "Just Sing", who began singing "alternative Christmas carols with a pro-Palestinian flavour", "Josh Jones, whose work has been publshed at"....

You get the picture. Apparently these high-minded individuals, whose slogan is "we will oppose the art of war with the art of peace", can't think of a single other international conflict which deserves attention. Not one. Not the Tamils, not Darfur, not al-Qaeda. I am minded to wish on these people my grandmother's epic curse, which, translated from the Yiddish, warns: "You should lose all your teeth except one. And that one should be rotten and give you eternal toothache." Well, they should expect nothing else from people like us, should they?


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