Shoot on sight!

By Stephen Pollard
May 21, 2007

The Jeff Randall piece I link to below prompts an idea for this site: Shoot On Sight.

We all have our bugbears - annoyances and crimes against proper behaviour that drive us round the bend. So I'm starting a regular section where I propose types of people who should be shot on sight.

Do post your own suggestions in the comments section of these posts.

I'll kick off with two slam dunks.

People Who Gob In The Street

Need I say any more? There are few more disgusting habits than spitting out one's phlegm in the street, but the habit seems ever more widespread. Shoot on sight!

Men In Three Quarter Length Shorts

It is - just - permissable for a man under 25 to wear these outrages against all that is decent in dress sense. But for any man halfway through his third decade to do it is just...well, it's plain wrong, More to the point, these people look like twats. It is, perhaps, arguable that looking such a pillock is punishment enough, but mine is a firm dictatorship, and I have to stick to my guns. Shoot on sight! (I am partiularly proud of having found this photograph, which combines three-quarter length trousers with sandals and socks. A double whammy. )(BTW, please keep your suggestions to types of people rather than individual names.)


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