Seems we don't control the world

By Jenni Frazer
February 27, 2009

Listening to John Prescott this morning speak in his unique brand of Foglish (the meaning is somewhere there but you have to feel your way to it) I could only thank the Deity that - as far as I can establish - Sir Fred the Shred Goodwin, he of the £700,000 a year pension, is not one of the tribe. I can't say Sir Victor Blank, over at Lloyds TSB, is making much of a fist of things, but at least he's not taking £700,000 a year off the taxpayer and thinking that this is not a problem. Funny thing, though, that Lord Myners, who apparently signed off on this extraordinary deal in the mistaken assumption that Sir Fred was the wrong side of 60 rather than a fighting-cock 50, is a former chairman of Marks & Spencer. Speaks volumes, to me at least, as to why the Myners M&S was not all it might have been.



Fri, 02/27/2009 - 16:30

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It isn't just a £700,000-a-year pension, it's a former M&S chairman sanctioned £700,000-a-year pension.


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