Sarah Palin parodies herself

By Melvyn Kohn
October 11, 2008

In Wednesday's Times, Martin Samuel parodies Sarah Palin. Actually, he does no such thing, as he explains, comedians these days just quote her verbatim. This he does, giving her response to a question about the bailout:
"That's what I say that I like every American I am speaking with we're ill about this position that we have been put in where it is the taxpayers looking to bailout, but ultimately what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore our economy, um, helping the, oh, it's got to be all about job creation, too, shoring up our economoy and, putting it back on the right track; so healthcare reform, and reducing taxes and reigning in spending has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans and trade we have we got to see trade as opportunity not as, a, a, competitive, um, scary thing, but one in five jobs being created in the trade sector today we, we've got to look at that as more opportunity, all of those things under the umbrella of job creation, this bailout is part of that."

What a speech. For this alone I would doubt her faith. What kind of divine being would have such an idiot? OK, she claims to be a Christian; all the more reason to make some good one liners. Ben Gurion once said of Christ that his words show his Jewishness. Sarah Palin's show neither Jewishness, nor Christianity, nor any intelligence whatsoever. Are we in for years of this gibberish under the guise of Judeo-Christian belief?


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