Relapsed members

By Stephen Pollard
July 24, 2009

Tim Worstall has had a look through Demos' Open Left site, and this is what he found:

For example, from a College Lecturer, we get a glimpse of why the education system is so crap:

I could never be anything but left wing – my mother is
the daughter of a South Yorkshire miner, a trade unionist and long time
(but now relapsed) Labour Party activist.

That would be lapsed dear: relapsed would mean he had been, then wasn’t and now is again.

An end to ‘privilege’ at all levels of society- so
scrapping the monarchy, getting rid of hereditary peers, shutting down
private schools and banning private health care.

Banning private health care? What, I can’t buy my own aspirin now?

From a social housing consultant (the very existence of such a post is another sign of what is wrong):

Council’s have become associated with punitative
taxation as a consequent of the Council Tax. This was a deliberate aim
of the Conservative Party and its to Labour’s shame…

Err, Councils, consequence and it’s. So we not only have leeches upon the public purse, we have illiterate leeches…..



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