Reform passes soccer test

By Simon Rocker
June 23, 2010

The Reform Movement faced a serious test of values.

Its scheduled annual meeting is due to take place on Sunday afternoon.

But thanks to the USA's late World Cup goal, England will now be playing their last 16 match at 3pm that day.

Would they put patriotism above constitutional procedure and postpone the meeting? Or take an extended TV break to watch the game?

It was a tough call for Reform chiefs, especially the movement's soccer-phile head Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield.

But pragmatic compromise has won out, I now understand - the meeting will begin, and end, early, well before kick-off.

"Our AGMs have been sacrosanct," one senior figure told me, "but the Reform Movement clearly believes in the teaching of Rabbi Bill Shankley that England v Germany World Cup matches are more important than life and death."


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