Read all about it - on the Herzliya-born Kindle

By Jennifer Lipman
December 21, 2010

I love my Kindle. Since Amazon’s version of an e-Reader came into my life two weeks ago, I have stared at it adoringly and fantasised about all the books I’m going to read on it.

When I finally brought myself to unwrap it from its pristine box, it was a wonderful moment.

An hour later, when I’d figured out how to turn the damn thing on, it was even better. Books downloaded in an instant, no need for a post-it note to keep my place, cheaper on screen (or so Amazon said) than in the shops. We’re going to be great friends, my Kindle and I.

So it was with particular pleasure that I read (not, unfortunately, on my Kindle) in the Jerusalem Post that “critical aspects” of the machine were developed in Herzliya.

Explains Lilach Zipory, from Israeli hi-tech company Sun: “Amazon contacted Sun (which was acquired by Oracle last year) in California and said they wanted a small device that could be used to read e-books.

“They had already acquired the software to run it, but were looking for the right technical design, and especially a platform to run the software on.

“My team in Herzliya is in charge of developing Java for small non-cell phone devices, so they gave us the project.”

Oh, Kindle. You just keep getting better and better.



Tue, 12/21/2010 - 15:30

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Like you Jennifer I have recently aquired a Kindle.
I think it has to be the best invention ever!
The ability to instantly download the books is amazing, in fact I had downloaded over 120 books before I even received the Kindle, then on turning it on, one by one, as if by magic the list of books popped in.
Now I am even more delighted now that I know aspects of the design and technology were developed in Israel.


Tue, 12/21/2010 - 16:48

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I was thinking of buying one too. I'm even more inclined to do so now I know it was built with Israeli technology. Thanks for the tip Jennifer!


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