Reacting against FEAR

By Rabbi Aaron Gol...
March 4, 2010

It is incredible but not terribly surprising that the quest for 'freedom' and 'equality' is met with headline makers highlighting 'fear!'

This is an interesting case study on progress in religion.



Thu, 03/04/2010 - 10:30

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How very typical of the Telegraph and their knee-jerking reactionary ilk to miss the point entirely, ie; nobody is going to be forced to carry out civil partnerships!

moshetzarfati2 (not verified)

Thu, 03/04/2010 - 10:42

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Exactly, JLC.


Thu, 03/04/2010 - 18:57

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Perhaps these vicars are G-d-fearing people, who are mindful of Scripture ...

John Gold

Sun, 03/07/2010 - 11:23

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Someone wrote in the debate section on JC, in favor of gay marriages in synagogues.

"I would like to see it go even further than this. All synagogues should accept this, and we shouldn't allow them to have a choice in the matter."

So it's not just orthodox religious people's petty fear - it is real!
And in fact is not the gay person being persecuted or being shown discrimination, but is some gay people forcing their views on others and legislating their beliefs on others (btw, the devil is the greatest liberal in the world:-)

Ultimately I believe people are legislating G-d's voice out of existence.


Sun, 03/07/2010 - 15:10

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'The devil is the greatest liberal in the world.'?????

What a load of tosh!

If you truly understood the nature of 'G-ds voice,' as you put it, you would realise it is strong enough to survive the petty machinations of legislation.

John Gold

Mon, 03/08/2010 - 00:44

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Perhaps reading the book of Genesis again is well over due for you...

The serpent, is as liberal as you get...

The road to hell is paved with many good intentions..

(sorry for using cliches, but....)


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