Rabbi Tony Bayfield moving on

By Anonymous
March 22, 2010

Sadly, Rabbi Tony Bayfield has announced that he is standing down next year as head of the Reform Movement when he reaches the age of 65. He's never that old, is he?
He will be replaced -- no, he is irreplaceable -- succeeded by Rabbi Shoshana Boyd-Gelfand.
In a statement on the Reform website, Rabbi Bayfield said:
“I think that, if they have the luxury, people should move on whilst they are ahead. I have been working – gladly – according to agendas set for me for over forty years. It has been a privilege but I am really looking forward to serving the movement in the role as President and pursuing areas of particular interest to me and value to the Movement – writing, teaching and preaching in the areas of Jewish and interfaith theology.”

“In Shoshana, the Movement has a person with tremendous strengths and her own distinctive approach. I know that she will renew and extend the vision of Reform Judaism in this country. Having worked with her for over 3 years makes me certain that I should and could step down as Head of Movement next year at 65 and that I can do so with the utmost confidence.”
He will become MRJ president.


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