Praying for Bibi

By Geoffrey Paul
February 11, 2009

There is someone who must be praying – literally – for Bibi Netanyahu to become Prime Minister of Israel. A theme of Netanyahu's election campaign was that “We have demonstrated in the past, and will continue to demonstrate, our commitment to a complete, undivided Jerusalem.” Which is just what veteran Christian evangelist Pat Robertson wanted to hear.

Speaking last week on the Christian Broadcast Network, Robertson warned that the Battle of Armageddon will take place not in Megiddo, in the Galil, but in Jerusalem if “the forces of all nations come together and try to take Jerusalem away from the Jews.” He said he had been in touch with Netanyahu who promised him that Jerusalem as Israel's capital was “non-negotiable.”

The plain implication of this is that Robertson envisions Bibi as an agent of Christianity who, by holding fast to Jerusalem, will hasten Armageddon, the conversion of the Jews and the coming of the Christian messiah! I don't know how the Likud leader feels about this but for my part, rather than encouraging Armageddon later,I'll settle for Moshiach Now!


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