Pots and black kettles

By Stephen Pollard
May 21, 2007

Neil Clark is not the only buffoon to have misremembered the Carter years. The former President himself says that President Bush is the worst in history. Not according to the American people. Here's a Newsweek poll: The approval rating for US President George W Bush has fallen to an all-time low of 28 per cent, according to a poll in Newsweek.

And here's a Gallup poll: The latest Gallup poll shows that while the president has an approval rating of 33 percent...

Terrible, terrible ratings, indeed.

But nothing like as bad as one of President Bush's predecessors':

In July 1980, Carter received a favorable rating of only 21% in the Gallup Poll. That was the lowest rating any president, including Richard Nixon at the time of his resignation, had received since polling began in 1936.


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