Postcard from Lod

By Danny Caro
July 14, 2009

Do not enter. That is the sign I was expecting to see after hearing some unfavourable reports about Lod – the venue for Team GB’s Open Cricket match against South Africa.

The drugs capital of Israel, as described by my driver Ami, who reminds me of Mr T, is somewhere one should try to avoid. Ami is no weakling. He regularly lifts heavy weights and is built like a brickhouse. He has given me plenty of sound advice since I arrived to cover the Maccabiah, so when he talks, I listen.

The fact that he was less than enthusiastic about taking me there said everything I needed to know.

When watching the match, I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder every other ball.

The fact that I am writing this blog is a tell-tale signs that I survived. We were even brave enough to ask someone for directions.

Thanks Ami!


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