By Paul Lester
September 29, 2008

Phew! That's a load off. I wrote my first column about the disintegration of my marriage in the single most widely read journal in the north London Jewish community, including references to all concerned, and the ex didn't want to have me tarred and feathered. Feathered, maybe, but then she always thought I looked good in soft fabrics. Not only did she not mind, she thought it was quite funny. Quite funny. Certainly not very funny. No, she made that abundantly clear. Actually, as though to prove that the JC is the single most widely read... etc, on Friday, after publication, I got a bigger response to something I'd written since the time I interviewed Snoop Doggy Dogg just after he'd been arrested for murder. To sum up, then: if you want to get the attention of a large group of Jews, write articles about divorce and homicidal American rappers.


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