Park Grill kosher restaurant - Melbourne, 2006

By Trevor Fox
November 2, 2008

We ate at Park Grill, the only kosher meat restaurant of any note in Melbourne. Park Grill is at 58 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield, at the junction with Inkerman Road. Last orders are at 8pm and it shuts at 9pm so if you are planning a late night out don’t go.

I was also advised that the opening hours can be erratic so call first on 9500 0110. However it is a large restaurant with large round tables and bags of space. I had lamb shanks, the girls had chicken fillets, my youngest had hamburger done rare and boyfriend-in-law had a steak. With drinks the bill came to about 60 pounds for five. Unlike the US there is no obligation to leave a tip in Australia. I did but I sensed that the waiting staff do not mind if you leave a tip or not.

In order not to block the tramlines when turning right at a junction in Melbourne you can do the Melbourne hook turn. This is something I had not come across before. If you wish to turn right you indicate right but pull over to the left. You pull over to the left at the junction at which you want to turn right and perpendicularly block the oncoming traffic. You then wait for the traffic lights at right angles to change to green before manoeuvring right and driving across the junction. Alternatively drive once round the block.


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