Palestinian leader says Quran acknowledges Jewish links with Israel

By Simon Rocker
June 11, 2010

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas told American Jewish leaders in Washington that the Quran recognises Jewish ties to the land of Israel, according to The Forward.
When questioned about his comments by Al-Jazeera, he replied: “Jews are there, and when you read the Holy Koran you have it there. That’s what I said.”
For background: see my JC piece last year



Mon, 06/14/2010 - 12:18

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Like Arafat Abbas has to be careful that what he says in English is not compared with what he says in Arabic. Arafat was a martyr for peace in English, but a freedom fighter in Arabic. Islamic leaders in Jerusalerm have insisted that Jews never lived in Jerusdalem and that Solomon's Temple was built somewhere else. possibly Yemen or Shechem! According to this view the Al Aksa Mosque has been on the 'Temple Mount' since the world was created.


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