Orthodox and Masorti pool prayers

By Simon Rocker
October 17, 2008

Amid the fractiousness of religious divisions, it is easy to forget that sometimes Jews do get along with each other. Members of Borehamwood's United Synagogue and the new Masorti group had separately picked the same spot for tashlich, the ceremony of casting one's sins into the water at Rosh Hashanah. They had pre-arranged to go down to the brook at different times: when the day came, there was a muddle and both parties turned up simultaneously. Rather than one group stand on its rights, however, they simply put aside their differences and performed the ritual together.



Fri, 10/17/2008 - 10:15

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Tashlich is curiously a very controversial custom, condemned by early authorities as superstitious and criticised be recent authorities because it led to frivolity between men and women! The Chofetz Chaim allowed it on condition no one threw crumbs into the water -- which apparently was connected to a custom of throwiong offerings to the water gods. Kol Nidre was also condemned by early authorities as unnecessary because we nullify vows on erev Rosh Hashana. Later authorities argued over whether it should be past vows or future vows. Today we include both.


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