One for Sudoku Fans

By Candice Krieger
July 2, 2009

Earlier this year, I wrote about Israeli architect Eyal Amitzur who created a three-dimensional version of the popular puzzle Sudoku.
His version, called Tredoku, uses the same rules as Sudoku but comes as a 3D image on the page. The game has since taken off appearing in syndication in newspapers around the world, including The Times. The game even has its own Facebook group with more than 4,500 fans.
A freelance architect working in Tel Aviv, Mr Amitzur, 33, runs games design company Mindome. He was introduced to Sudoku two years ago but says he found it monotonous. Genius. My new line: "I don't do Sudoku because it's monotonous. Nothing to do with it being too hard." Anyway, he created a harder version that uses an infinite number of possible 3D shapes. I predict it will soon become a household to rival Sudoku. Watch this space (if, like me, you are unable to fill it in).


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