Note on John Reynolds

By Melvyn Kohn
October 17, 2008

Earlier this year I met John Reynolds. He spoke at a mostly Moslem gathering, and it was on the subject of usury, which they are against. Some quoted the Biblical injunction against it and also the one about the year of Jubilee. There was some amount of misunderstanding about these laws, but not my place at that time to start a discussion on Biblical law.
Reynolds did not get into any error or anti-Semitism, he did present a realistic picture of the global economy. His recent comments about having more Christian in the City I cannot therefore accept as being anti anyone. If more real Christians did work in the City, and not these greedy Mammon worshipping bonus collectors, we'd be OK. Nothing against Christian, or John Reynolds, but plenty against seeing people starve when fat cats lap up bonuses - for what? We're in a mess.
Biblical law, such as practiced by Boaz, who allowed the poor of the land to glean his fields, is what we need. Reynolds is a decent bloke who I think was wasting his time with the Moslems seminar, so let's invite him over and get to know him better - jumping to conclusions about anti-Semitism on his part is counter productive.


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