Not the Leaders' Debate - Hendon Parliamentary Hustings video

By MatthewHarris
April 16, 2010

OK, so the first TV Prime Ministerial Debate has been and gone, with the opinion polls declaring my Leader Nick Clegg to have done best. I do think that the debate was great political television and that Nick Clegg was indeed the winner. Anyway, if you're in the mood for TV debates, here is a video of the Hendon Parliamentary Hustings organised by Hendon Muslim Forum a few weeks ago: The three main candidates spoke and we covered many issues that will be of interest to JC readers, including Israel/Palestine. Do take a look and see what the three candidates, myself included, had to say.

I am adding a PS: during the debate, I referred to my grandfather having been a German Jew who was allowed to live at large as an enemy alien during the war. When I watched the video, I realised that it was not entirely clear that he had lived as an enemy alien at large during the war in Britain, rather than somewhere else - unless that is clear, it is possible for my remark on that to be take on a different meaning and be misunderstood.

Matthew Harris is the Lib Dem PPC for Hendon.

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Jonathan Hoffman

Sat, 04/17/2010 - 08:46

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Thanks. Good debate, much better than the stage-managed thing on Thursday night.


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