Not a story

By Stephen Pollard
May 22, 2007

This story is bizarre:

Cheryl Tustain, 39, had an operation for thyroid cancer in 1998. Nine years later she found it virtually impossible to buy travel insurance for a long weekend in New York.

“I called company after company, all the big names. Of the dozen or so I called, some refused to insure me outright. The rest gave me such ridiculously high quotes I couldn’t afford it,” she said.
So far, it reads like a good story. She can't get sensible coverage because she had cancer. A scandal, even. We should all be righteously indignated.

Except she could get coverage. Quite easily and cheaply, as it happens. But - oh my, what a scandal - she had to ask around:
“A third said they couldn’t cover me. The others offered me premiums of about £200,” she said. She eventually got a quote of £50 from Esure, an internet-based company.

It's called competition. Different companies have different prices for different services. You look around, and find the one that suits you best.

Woman seeks quotes for travel insurance and buys the cheapest. Where's the story in that?


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