Nice One Money Mensch!

By Candice Krieger
February 18, 2009

Congratulations to JC money-saving expert Martin Lewis. Our popular Money Mensch was the most searched-for personality by UK Internet users during the last three months of 2008.

According to web monitoring specialist Hitwise, he received more clicks than Barack Obama, Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole.

A modest Martin attributes the results to British internet users seeking practical advice in these tough economic times. He writes on his blog: “While I’m cock-a-hoop to see more MoneySavers on the site, we all know this upsurge is primarily due to the fact the economy has fallen off a cliff and many people are searching because they NEED to, rather than WANT to.”

Of course he is chuffed nonetheless: “Who wouldn’t be awestruck upon seeing their own name’s been searched more than the President of the United States’? It’s mind numbing! Now excuse me while I go print out the results and put them on my wall - the grandchildren may laugh at it one day.”  


Check out this week’s JC for Martin’s top tip on how to nab a free £100 by opening a bank account.


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