My hat

By Jenni Frazer
March 19, 2010

There was the Knesset, all set to pass the most stringent anti-fur legislation in the world, complete with an exemption clause so that Charedim could continue to buy and wear shtreimels, and applauded by Sir Paul McCartney for its humane approach and far-sightedness.
And now what? It's all off.
It turns out that the postponement/cancellation of the legislation is all due to the visit of one Alan Herscovici of the Fur Council of Canada. According to reports, Mr H, who of course has no vested interest in the matter, convinced Knesset members that if they passed the bill then worldwide opposition to shechita would surely follow. And just like that, the Knesset folded.
I have no means of knowing quite what evidence Alan Herscovici brought to the table but I would hope it was more than anecdotes or scare stories. And far be it from me to observe that Israel could really do with a good news story these days...


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