Ms Invincible

By Joanna Gilbert
August 2, 2010

August and its work work work. It has been an amazingly satisfying month (or three). I am kind of feeling invincible at the moment. I know that seems very super hero but it is true. Sometimes in life you get these moments when you are just on a buzz and everything you do is exciting so you 200% immerse yourself in it until you cant breath. But, you love it!

Know what I mean?

Hmmm, well put it this way, I love the fact that I am cramming in 50 hours work in each day. Like the wonderful Tanya Rennick from The Oyster Club said - you have 9 meetings already and its only 11am.

I have an exhibition for Windmills of My Mind happening at HJA solicitors in October which I still need to do 7 paintings for (gulp) and have numerous clients who want a rebrand of their logos which I am simply loving doing. Graphic design has always been a part of me, so it seems only natural to earn a living out of it!

I just feel good.

Anyway I hope you do too.

Much love and brushes.



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