Moses Did, After All Take The Right Direction Out Of Egypt!

By Jon_i_Cohen
December 30, 2010

As reported in Israel Nation News

and most of the worlds media, initial drilling confirms that a huge gas field has been found off Israel's Mediterranean shore. The amount of natural gas in the Leviathan gas field is estimated at 450 billion cubic meters - almost twice the size of the previous large gas discovery at the Tamar field. The find was announced in June but the size could not be confirmed until now.

About one month ago, the partners in the drilling project reached their target layer in an underwater geological structure 135 km west of Haifa. The Sedco Express rig drilled through 1,634 meters of water and penetrated to 5,100 meters under sea level. When it reached a layer of sand, advanced geological tests were conducted, and their results confirmed the presence of the gas.

One of the partners, Delek Energy, said Wednesday that of all the gas fields discovered in deep waters worldwide in the last ten years, the Leviathan is the largest

"This is happy news for the Israeli energy market, and the results have great economic and strategic importance," it said.

Trading in stocks of drilling partners "Delek Drilling," "Avner Oil Searches" and "Ratio" were halted earlier Wednesday, after they announced they would issue a "meaningful report."

"We have received the most important energy-related news since the founding of Israel, that will undoubtedly bring a blessing and have a meaningful influence on many fields [of endeavor] in Israel," Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau said glowingly Wednesday.

If Israel handles itself properly, he predicted, it can use the gas to become a supplier of gas in the Middle East. The finds "will enable Israeli citizens to enjoy clean, cheap electricity production, and the income the state can expect following these discoveries."


Jonathan Hoffman

Thu, 12/30/2010 - 17:20

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Baruch Hashem!

jose (not verified)

Thu, 12/30/2010 - 17:37

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Israel will also be a leader for clean energies (I mean even cleaner than natural gas and renewable). The sun, which makes so much trouble here, is its own remedy. Solar plants will create energy for desalination plants, which in turn will solve the water problem in a few years.

Energy autonomy will be a blessing, as well as an excellent anti-boycott reason. Lebanon is expected to make trouble, but if they are smart enough, they will get their share too. I mean if the Hezbollah doesn't interfere, of course.

jose (not verified)

Thu, 12/30/2010 - 21:26

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One interesting point: we can see a pattern there with Israel's improving its relations with Greece and Cyprus.

These two countries will benefit from this close energetic resource. And attacking a resource shared by two European countries will be very difficult for Lebanon, even under cover of Hezbollah.
Greece, with its economic crisis could get a cheap source of energy. Cyprus would also benefit, the Greek part of it that is. Turkey will cry.

It is said that it will take six years until production begins. Given the importance of it, I bet it will be faster.


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