More unanswered questions

By Jenni Frazer
January 9, 2009

I see from the BBC website that Jeremy Bowen, its Middle East editor, has an online diary which he has called "Unanswered Questions", such as how long the conflict is going to last and why it is that he doesn't know the names of dead Palestinians while simultaneously attending the funeral of an Israeli soldier, Natei Stern.

This morning on the Today programme Bowen gravely read out in its entirety a press statement issued by the International Red Cross in Gaza. The allegation, shocking in itself, is that Israeli soldiers herded a group of 100 Palestinians into a house in Gaza which was targeted a day later by Israeli warplanes, killing 35 of those inside. Bowen insisted that the IRC claim, based on eyewitness testimonies, was credible and had to be taken seriously.

So ask the Israelis, I shouted at the radio. Ask them what they say.  Nothing. No opportunity given to the Israelis to confirm or deny this.  Now that's what I call an unanswered question.



Fri, 01/09/2009 - 10:51

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Bowen? Ask the Israelis? Nah... too much like proper journalism


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