More on the glowing gefilte

By Marcus Dysch
September 30, 2009


Our story from last week about the remarkable glowing gefilte fish has not only become the most-read story in our website’s history, but has also been picked up by a couple of other media organisations.

As well as a brief appearance in the Sunday Times’ Atticus column, the fish popped up on frum news website Voz Iz Neias.

Understandably the readers of the site, no doubt well-versed in the ways of gefilte, had plenty to say about the story. I thought I should briefly share some of their comments with you.

The first, and perhaps my favourite:

Is this because somebody wants publicity during Aseres Yimei Teshuva....what's next my Shobbos chicken soup will do the chicken dance?

I’m sure you’re as keen as me to know what exactly the chicken dance is…

An anonymous commenter offered the following:

Wow, I am scared 2 eat gefilte

I wouldn’t worry too much. Best just to check your fish before eating it by turning the lights off. If it glows, throw it away. If it doesn’t, tuck in. Simple enough rule to remember.

Overnight Kigel has the insightful:

Why is this so hard to understand. Our shabbos foods are full of kedusha. Finally, a yid was zoicha to be able to see the kedusha shining through, not just paying lip service as you eat it.

I couldn't agree more Mr (or Mrs) Kigel.

Isra Lady adds:

You’ve ALL made my day, hilarious talkbacks. MUCH better than the article. A gitte qvittel to us all.

Oh, thanks Isra Lady. A gitte gvittel to you too…


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