More BBC 'sod the licence payer' incompetence

By Stephen Pollard
May 4, 2010

Ben Brogan writes what I was about to write on the BBC's almighty Proms cock-up. A typical example of the sort of 'progress' that takes something that works fine, and makes it bloody awful.

Whoever chose the new online booking system for the Proms should be
made to listen to JLS on a continuous loop in perpetuity. I’ve been in
the ‘waiting room’ since about 8.45 this morning, when I was number
5500 or so. I’m now down to number 479, having gone back up from 300
odd for some reason. Under the previous system you made your choices,
filled in your credit card details and submitted your application.
Crucially, it was when you were ready, at your convenience, which is
the point of the Interweb. Under the new system, you had to have your
‘booking plan’ ready to submit at 8am this morning, which is fine if
you are a rich layabout or Roger Wright or unemployed or not  (in my
case) on the school run. If you aren’t free at 8am then you can try
later, as I have done. and then you wait. And wait. No matter if you
have meetings or things to do. It cannot be the case that the 5000 odd
people with me in the ‘waiting room’ – good morning! – have nothing
better to do. So Roger Wright, well done on cooking up this ridiculous
system. Whatever you paid for it out my licence fee, you’ve been
robbed, and you are losing customers. Which may, of course, be your
clever plan. Dire.

The BBC: pay for it or go to prison.


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