Michal Kaminski: Statement on Chrobry Sword

By Martin Bright
October 9, 2009

In my interview with Michal Kaminski I asked him if he had ever said he was proud to wear the Chrobry Sword, the symbol of the National Radical Camp Falanga, a Catholic totalitarian group formed in 1935. He issued a categorical denial: “No, I never wear it. I don’t even know which symbol you are referring to.”

I agreed to send him further details. He responded yesterday evening, after the JC had gone to press:

"I did wear the sword, which was used around a millennia ago to crown Polish Kings, on my lapel on occasions. After 1989 it was used as one of the symbols of the Christian National Union and many Conservative politicians would wear it, including politicians now in the Civic Platform. In recent years it has been taken as a symbol by the Far Right. Although it is not the same, there are similarities with how the BNP in Britainhas taken the Union Jack as their symbol. When I felt the symbol started having this meaning I stopped wearing it and I asked the rest of my party to stop too."

I acknowledge that it is possible that my pronunciation was unclear, so I am happy to clarify his position on this controversial symbol."


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