Message of Support

By JINewsNet
December 4, 2009

The following article was posted to the Jewish Israel News Network ( JINewsNet) website yesterday and is worthy of a wider audience.

I am not Jewish and I am not British. I am an American and a supporter of Israel. I have been stunned and quite frankly overwhelmed by the number of attacks coming from every direction against Israel. I am amazed by the re-emergence of Anti-Semitism in Europe. I was born in the '50s, and I'm seeing and hearing things I thought I would never see or hear again, things that at one time no intelligent or educated person would believe. And I'm now convinced that the Obama Administration with it's rash and irresponsible approach to Israel in its efforts to relaunch the peace process are second only to a nuclear Iran as a threat to Israel's security. President Obama touted his efforts to establish ties to the Muslim world during his speech on his Afghanistan policy the other night, but he's done so by making irresponsible public comments that have only served to deligitimize and demonize Israel as an illegal occupier of Palestinian lands and creating a climate that encourages others to do the same. Now Sweden and the EU have jumped on the bandwagon! How does this serve the peace process? How does this encourage the two parties to approach negotiations "without preconditions"? It seems to me the only one required to come to the negotiating table without preconditions is Israel. Obama has certainly made his preconditions known, especially when he suggested that further building in Gilo could embitter Palestinians in ways that could be "dangerous" (What did you mean by that, Mr. President? Dangerous to whom?). And Abbas responed to PM Netanyahu's temporary moratorium on settlement construction by putting East Jerusalem on his public wish list.
How many times have I heard and read that Anti-Zionism cannot be equated with Anti-Semitism? But PM Netanyahu touched the heart of the matter during his speech to the Saban Forum when he stated the meaning and importance of Israel's existence as a Jewish State. The Palestinian objection is not to the existence of the State of Israel but to the existence of Israel as a Jewish State. It's time the Obama Administration and the EU recognized that their approach to Israel and the Middle East peace process is indeed Anti-Semitic.


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