Melanie Phillips - wrong again. Her article 10 June 2010.

By steveabbott
June 10, 2010

Another article from Ms Phillips - wrong again.

Israel was not entitled to act the way it did re the flotilla. The assault was in international waters, the blockade itself is illegal - collective punishment of a population according to the UN. How then can enforcement of the blockade be legal? None of the boats proceeded 'peacefully' to Ashod. They were forced at gunpoint to divert, under apparent threat of death. Video evidence is partial (on both sides), unclear, and far from conclusive either way. Why not establish an international inquiry under the UN to establish the truth of the matter? Would Ms Phillips support that - if Israel's case is so strong, why not?

Hamas, like it or not, is the democratically elected, legitimate Government of Gaza - perhaps it would not be if Fatah had been given something from Israel to show its people that talking to Israel leads to something better than yet more settlements. Israel does not claim Gaza. It may consider itself to be at war with Gaza, and is entitled therefore to act on that assumption, but how then can it deny Gazans the right of self defence it claims for itself? How can it logically deny the right of Gazans to obtain whatever weaponry they can to defend themselves with? Is that not what happens in a war situation? Why is the rest of the world always wrong, and Israel always right? State piracy seems about right in this instance - Israel's right of self defence should not depend on illegality. Ms Phillips confuses cause and effect. The blockade is itself an act of aggression. Hamas is bound to respond - how can they be denied the same right of defence that Israel claims for itself?

Phillips repeats the claim that Gaza is not starving - why then does the UN say that there are severe shortages of foods, and many other materials required for normal civilian life to go on? Following the establishment of the Hamas Goverment in 2006, an Israeli spokesperson, rather charmingly boasted that Gazans will be put on a diet. That rather undermines Phillips claim. We have a choice - believe Israel, or believe the UN.

Yes, obviuosly the flotilla was about breaking the blockade. A perfectly legitimate aim, and one now openly shared it seems by the US and the EU - both have said it should end. Ms Phillips sinks into hysterical and intemperate language, when she talks about 'preparing Israel for the slaughter', and 'tightening the noose of lies'. The noose is around the collective necks of the captive Palestinian population, and it is a real one rather than figurative. Talk of demonisation, and de-legitimisation is moot - Israel demonises itself through its actions, and while the state of Israel is entirely legitimate, its actions again are not.

She goes on to list allegedly fabricated claims against Israel, but I have looked at them, and I dont think it was wise of her to raise the subjects here - they do not help her case. The massacre at Jenin has been well documented. The 2006 lebanon war resulted in 1400 deaths - mostly civilian by some margin/ against some 120 Israeli dead - almost all military. The cast lead massacre resulted in some 1300 palestinian dead - mostly civilian by some margin/against some 12 Israeli dead - almost all military. The term aparthied can be used to describe Israel's occupation of the west bank, and ethnic cleansing undoubtably took place during and immedietly after the 1948 war. Foreign minister Lieberman is on record as having called for more of it - palestinians and incredibly Israeli arab citizens into Jordan. As for Israel being the aggressor in the middle east – what else can one call invading Lebanon twice since 1982, occupying part of it between those invasions, brutally surpressing both intifadas, cast lead, bombing Syria? If that does not qualify as aggression, the word has no meaning.

She asks – why do so many believe these lies about Israel? Well maybe they have credibility because they are truths. ‘We find ourselves in a nightmare situation’ she says. Indeed we do, but it is a nightmare of Israel’s making. Would that she would wake up – settle with the Palestinians in justice and peace, stop invading other countries, and become a more normal state.

I met Melanie Phillips once. Coming down from my scaffold in Flanchford Road (for I am a roofer), we exchanged a few pleasantries – she seemed very nice. I wonder if she remembers me? I used to read her in the Guardian long ago, and liked her writing, especially on social matters. I fear she has lost her edge on this subject – a torturous defense of the indefensible. She would be much better directing her considerable abilities to campaigning for the Government of Israel to act with some purpose, humanity, and sense of strategic insight. Otherwise, what hope is there for the future of Israel and the middle east?

Forgive the spelling - not spell-checked.



Fri, 06/11/2010 - 08:50

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Another article from steveabbott - wrong again.

What Melaine Phillips writes is 100% correct.

What steveabbott writes is just more anti-semitic, left-wing, 2-digit IQ, Guardianesque rantings.

Why does steveabbott persist in blogging on the Jewish Chronicle?

steveabbott your opinions are not wanted here.


Fri, 06/11/2010 - 09:01

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'Too long, didn't read' summary of post:

"I support the Hamas terrorist organisation and thusly have no credibility, right to an opinion or intelligence."


Fri, 06/11/2010 - 11:03

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Melanie Phillips is always wrong!


Fri, 06/11/2010 - 12:57

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No akiva, i do not support Hamas - in the same way i do not (any longer) support the british labour party. I do however recognise that they were democratically elected in 3 recent elections. I do support the right of an elected Govt to defend its people in Gaza. Just as I support the right of Israel to defend its people in Israel. Israel cannot be the only entity in the region to enjoy the right of self defence. On any other forum that would be so self evidently correct that I would not have been required to provide the above clarification.

I persist in blogging on the JC, because consistently bogus arguments like yours, Akiva's, BD's, and Joshua18's have to be confronted. You say Melanie Phillips is 100% right - that betrays your mindset. How can anyone be 100% right? Only fanatics would buy into such a preposterous concept.


Fri, 06/11/2010 - 13:00

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oh, and my response was not as long as the Phillips article. And much more logically consistent. and she does it for a living!!!!!


Fri, 06/11/2010 - 17:37

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So, steveabbott supports a "democratically" government in Gaza, one that gained the vote with a 97% majority by throwing its opponents of the roofs of buildings and having its thugs drive around in pick up trucks knee-capping and shooting up wedding parties - all out there for you to see on youtube!!
I suppose you equally support the right of Robert Mugabe to rule Zimbabwe, he was "democratically" elected with a 99.999999% majority vote.
Or Gadaafi of Libya another one elected with a 99.999% majority.
Likewise, Adolf Hitler was democratically elected before he went on to create a one party state and remove all opposition - but wait,let's not forget, he was "democratically" elected, so in steveabbotts warped parrallel universe he must have been OK.
so, steveabbot,(or whatever your name is), you expose yourself only as a Jew hater by espousing your support of Hamas - what rubbish.
Time now for you to leave the Jewish Chrionicle web site.


Fri, 06/11/2010 - 20:10

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jon i cohen - the moral colossus who wishes that more of the peace 'terrorists' on the Mavi had been murdered.

no jon - the democratic mandate Hamas obtained in 2006, is the one I referred to. Free and fair, internationally observed and signed off. The elections bush pushed for in his bid to bring democracy to the peoples of the middle east labouring under the yoke of their dictatorships - or in the case of the west bank, labouring under the yoke of the IDF.

anyway - great idea; shame the wrong party one! thats democracy eh? hamas 74 seats, to Fatah 45. A majority for Hamas - the democratically elected government of the entire palestinian territories! oh no - what can be done? So the US and Israel back a fatah coup against Hamas. Fatah illegally assumes power in the west bank, Hamas takes complete control of Gaza. the rest is history.

i wonder when the US and Israel will allow the next free elections in the palestinian territories - ha ha.

Incidentally, just a thought - if Israel had given Fatah something positive to show the palestinian people after 13 years fruitless negotiation with Israel, perhaps fatah may have one in 2006. But i dont suppose Israel's doubling of settlers in the west bank since 1993 played too well at the ballot box.

oh and the jew-hater/anti semite thing is wearing very thin now jon - it only reinforces the bankruptcy of your increasingly irrelevant and flimsy arguments. my postings on this site are there for all to see - it is plain i entertain no animus towards jewish people.

i intend to remain writing on the JC, as it is essential that bigoted extremists like yourself and the other usual suspects are properly confronted, their arguments demolished by reason, and their alarming lack of morality exposed for other bloggers to see.

jose (not verified)

Fri, 06/25/2010 - 03:34

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How can anyone be 100% right? Only fanatics would buy into such a preposterous concept.

I guess you consider also this statement as preposterous?

Melanie Phillips is always wrong!

But of course, in the second case, you did not bother to mention it. You see, that is exactly how one shows bias, while not being explicitely an "anti-Semite", of course.

Of course!


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