Making the point

By iainlrabbak
November 30, 2009

Jonathan Margolis in The Guardian's G2 makes the point about being Jewish in the UK today much better than a million watch sites.
For a taster:

So has being merely Jew-ish rather than a proper Jew, marrying a woman who was half-Jewish, half-Methodist, and eating non-kosher food these five decades thwarted my children's option to be Jews, and by doing so played its part in the slow decline of Britain's Jewish population? In an odd way, it hasn't entirely.

Our elder daughter was several months into her relationship with her long-term Cornish boyfriend when she (and he) discovered he was, through his mother's line, more Jewish than she is. Their children, then, will be Jew-ish-ish, at least by birth. I continue to find it almost spooky that these two found each other. Our son a few weeks ago looked seriously into starting a website for the Jew-ish: working title, The Bacon Bagel. And our younger daughter has this last month been leading a campaign at Sussex University against a new campus ban on Israeli goods – theme of the campaign: it's all very well, but why Israel alone? Shouldn't the students also ban Chinese, American, Sri Lankan and dozens of other countries' goods?

The last she heard from the union hierarchy on this score was that to ban American or Chinese products would be, get this, "inconvenient". She is more enraged than I have ever known her about this frank and alarming admission that campus anti-Zionism is, at least for the students who aren't actually Palestinian, a fashion accessory like those chainstore black-and-white keffiyeh scarves.


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