Macavity Watch!

By Stephen Pollard
May 15, 2007

Yes, it's the exciting new game from the Spectator Blog. It's impossible to move at the moment without hearing the words 'Macavity' and 'Gordon Brown' next to each other. Today it's Rachel Sylvester in the Telegraph. Yesterday it was Peter Oborne on Disptaches. Last week it was Martin Kettle in the Gaurdian.

All sorts of people claim to have been first to use the description. But I think I know who first did - and it was a long, long time ago. In her Times column of 11th April, 2001, the ever perceptive Alice Miles referred to the Chancellor as Macavity.

So here's the competition - beat that! If you can find an earlier example of the description of Gordon Brown as Macavity, you will win a unique prize - the recognition of the millions of Spectator blog readers as an all-round political geek.

UPDATE: And what an exciting game it is turning out to be, with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. Have a look at the comments below.


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