Lovely Stacey

By Alex Kasriel
October 12, 2009


Watching this week's X Factor I was struck how similar Stacey Solomon is to the fictional character of Poppy in Mike Leigh's film Happy Go Lucky.

The looks and the mannerisms are spot on. Anyone else agree?

Maybe Leigh was inspired on a visit to Havering College (where she studies Performing Arts).

Meanwhile "Dag'nam Stace" - as she is affectionately known now - did exceedingly well this week, singing a 'hard' song by Coldplay and trumping the performance by Welsh rival Lucie Jones. SiCow did his, 'You don't know how good you could potentially be' line which is the one he does if it isn't, 'You've got real star quality,' to those who clearly know they are good.


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