Lord Ahmed: at it again

By Stephen Pollard
June 19, 2007

Lord Ahmed is at it again. The man who is happy to cavort with a virulent antisemite, giving Israel Shamir a platform in the House of Lords, has now waded in to the Sir Salman Rushdie controversy:

Labour Lord Ahmed, 48, said Verses triggered “violence around the world”.

...Lord Ahmed added: “Honouring a man who has blood on his hands goes too far.”

He told BBC Radio 4: “Two weeks ago the Prime Minister was calling for building relations between the Muslim world and Britain, then suddenly this knighthood is given to a man who has not only been abusive to Muslims but also to Christians — because he used abusive language towards Jesus Christ.”

He went on: “This man not only provoked violence around the world because of his writings, but there were many people who were killed around the world.”

What a revealing piece of logic. Sair Salman wrote a book. That's all. It didn't instruct anyone to do anything. It didn't recommend anyone do anything.

The inspiration for violence - no, not the inspiration, but the command - came from Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwah. Not one jot of responsibility for any violence with Sir Salman.

BTW, this is no laughing matter but the Sun's headline is inspired:

Pakistan orders smoked Salman


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