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By judithphillips
September 22, 2008

We had our first Woman's Forum meeting this year, which was very difficult, because Debbie our Rebbetzen and inspiration for the group had major surgery yesterday and it was really strange to have the meeting without her.
After a major brainstorming session, we finally came up with some ideas for events this year, based on the theme of Israel at 60.

Womans' Forum has been planning educational programming for women in the Whitefield and North Manchester community for the last 7 years. On the whole, our events have been very successful because we try to provide quality, not quantity and well thought out, carefully planned evenings.

Brainstorming is always hard but I think we've come up with a basic plan for 3 events this year. Hopefully we will be able to see them through and I will find it useful to write about the progress here, along with the other things that I do in my Jewish life.

Just heard about latest terror attack in Jerusalem. Having 2 sons and a daughter in law living out there can be nerve wracking at times. When Alex rang me to tell me he was OK, he said he was calling me up to reassure me. I thought he said he was being called up (he gets released from the army in November) and my heart started thumping. What a relief to find out I'd heard wrong! Josh and Bas OK too, they were at home. The only thing is that after the initial relief of knowing your kids are OK, you start thinking of all the people who have been hurt, and their families and what they are going through.


Jenni Frazer

Thu, 09/25/2008 - 12:15

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Dear Judith -


Lovely to see your blog. Shana tova to you and all the family -




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