Livingstons World on Jnet Radio: Mench of the Week and Shmerel of the Week

By Livingstons World
October 26, 2010

Mench of the Week
The Mench of the Week award on Livingstons World last week went to Eli Benson, CEO of Magen David Adom (

Eli's fund raising exploits span 20 odd years and his services to MDA have been exemplary. This organisation provides the ambulance service for Israel and the territories.

Amazingly the ambulance service in Israel receives minimal government funding. The rest is from MDA. Its lifesaving work in Israel - 24 hours round the clock, 365 days per year - is funded by a combination of voluntary donations from Friends of MDA in 17 countries around the world and payment from patients and hospitals.

Eli explained that Magen David Adom provides its services to all, regardless of race, creed or ethnic affiliation. 90% of MDA's workforce are volunteers working side by side for a common purpose - to save lives.

Since its foundation in 1949, the Friends have helped to fund a range of development projects including the building of new casualty stations, the supply of ambulances and specialists Mobile Intensive Care Units and other medical supplies. But MDA's work is not confined to the Middle East. They were the first in Haiti (its work there applauded in the press and national TV) and they are still there, and in Indonesia (remember that awful Tsunami) where they were turned away, Undeterred MDA returned under different auspices to make sure their aid was received by those who needed it regardless of government policy towards receiving help from Israel.

Eli is the proud recipient of a sandwich donated by Sharon's Bakery in Hendon to celebrate the achievements of this extraordinary Mench.

Shmerel of the Week
The Shmerel of the Week last week went to footballer Wayne Rooney.

He was nominted by Danny Caro, Sports Editor of the Jewish Chronicle who said "Wayne Rooney left Everton (where he lifted his shirt to reveal the words 'Once a blue, always a blue) for the bright lights of Manchester United. He has everything there but has told them that he wants to leave as, in his opinion, they lack ambition. The man lacks class and loyalty."

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