Limmud reaches the parts….

By Simon Rocker
November 22, 2010

You don't normally expect to find members of the Charedi community at a Limmud event. But Ian Sharer, a strictly Orthodox councillor in Hackney, visited the local Limmud day in the borough for the first time to speak about his work.
What he saw impressed him – in particular a packed session on the completion of the Steinsaltz Talmud.
He says he'd happily go again.


Avraham Reiss

Mon, 11/22/2010 - 20:22

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The Steinsaltz Talmud is a really amazing achievement - in that it makes the Talmud readily understandable to anyone speaking reasonable Hebrew.

I saw on the web at:

"the Steinsaltz edition is also being translated and published in French, Russian and English; a Spanish edition is being prepared."


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