Let's make it a good one, lads!

By Naomi Bloomer
October 1, 2009

This week has been crazy.

I moved in on Saturday, and within twenty minutes was already talking to five different people as if we had known each-other for years. Within a few hours, I had met someone on my floor in halls who I had known two whole years ago from going out with his best friend. Then, someone from school last year. In the Union later, another friend from school had popped up and perhaps 20 new “Best Friends Forever” – BFFs – were made.

Everyone talked like we were BFFs and we would be together forever. You could go up to anyone and instantly talk genuinely and with more enthusiasm than I think I had for any other random person in my entire life. I said “I love you so much! You’re my best friend!” probably around 30 times in one evening.

Sunday night, something terrible happened. A new student from my university tragically died after one a night out. Everyone was shocked. Lost for words. How could this happen to someone our age, at our university? It could have been any one of us. While we were tucked up in bed or still stumbling home, a life had ended.

Monday night, everyone was visibly a bit sedated. We spoke briefly of our concern, our sadness, but mainly it was a reminded that the friends we make here are the most important support network we have when we feel upset. Someone I met only one day before was pouring her heart out to me. And I poured my heart out to her – we’re all together in this.

But you know what? The only thing to do when something terrible happens is to celebrate life the only way you know how. And how do students celebrate? We had an amazing time, we laughed, we made new friends, glasses chinked and many group photos were taken with obligatory ridiculous poses, and I was no exception.

I can’t imagine that we would ever forget what happened. We will honour this student with our hard work, that he would have done, the fun that he would have had. We’ll get up on stage and sing terribly at Karaoke, fit as much free stuff from the Freshers’ Fayre as possible into our suddenly tiny bags (I have a UJS mug, UCL jSoc pens, key chains and more free pens than I’d need in a lifetime), and make our Fresher’s year the best year UCL has seen. Ever.

Let’s make it a good one. Cheers!


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