Kosher scapegoats: the Jews stole our money

By Melvyn Kohn
October 11, 2008

In yesterday's post I noted the articles in the JC about anti-Semitic conspiracy theories all over the internet in regards to the financial collapse. 24 hours later I have seen this is quite the case. Yesterday was also Black Friday; it seems every day of the week is the same, Black Monday, which is worse than the Black Monday of the '80s, Black Tuesday of which much the same is said, then there's Wednesday and Thursday coming along with their own doom and gloom. Expect Sarah Palin to cancel weekdays as they are a problem. That's it folks, it was those rotten five working days, and we got rid of them, so it's weekends only at the GOP. Problem sorted.
But until they find a way to blame Monday to Friday, the Jews will do. Lehman Bros. apparently stuffed all the dosh in a large M bag and sent it to Israel. You could just see the US postal clerk now weighing the M bags and hassling about the contents. Printed matter, she is told, and after consultation with a supervisor, she agrees as long as you get in another long line to weigh it.
So for the price of an M bag the Jews sent a bag full of $100 dollar bills to Tel Aviv, and you have only a few cents left. No you idiot, you spent it on crack; and war; and gas, which you pumped into your stupid 4x4 every time you drove half a mile to the store to buy junk food. Joe 6 Pack is facing a life time of sobriety, and other unhappy realities, maybe the foreclosing on his house, for instance, and he is pissed - US pissed, that is, mad as hell. He is not UK pissed, that is, drunk, because, as I explained, he has no money to get pissed with. So he is pissed. Translate that from UK to US and you get the picture.
Well, the next step is to blame someone. So let's play the blame game here and see what I come up with. To start, we might blame Joe and his 6 pack. Then there are the gasoline companies, who ought to have developed other energies, from large sails on ships to ethanol, made not from edible parts of plants but from the ubiquitous cellulose which is usually discarded as waste. And of course the $500bn a year W asked for to fund the war in Iraq, not to mention the $2.3 trillion the Pentagon is still looking for. And what about the American idiot education system? If you can't spell you can't get a very high paying job. But that setback does not stop Joe from buying lots of pornography, drugs and violent video games. The porn industry in the US is a multi-billion dollar affair, part of the entertainment industry, which is one of the top four industries in the US.
So while Joe is sitting waiting for the repo company to take his truck, his house and his guns, he might tally up how much money is in the hands of idiot movie stars who are laughing at him. Not a lot of whom are Jewish. And as for drug dealers, last I checked, Israel was not growing cocaine of poppies. Joe just might questions how much of his cash is in the vault of some rich drug dealer, who is spending it on porn stars.
Oh but I can lay some of the blame here on Israel. This is a country that spends billions of shekels on Arab oil. Ahmadinejad is laughing all the way to the bank. Israel is also a country that could rig the Negev, which is 60% of its landmass, with solar powered plants. Large mirrors heat water tanks, all of which is in turn a desalination plant. Around each there can be a fertile farm, just like an age old prophecy. But instead, Israel gives lots of money to its enemies for oil. So, to some degree, it has contributed to the crash. But this is minimal, a nation of five million which has failed to care for its citizens in this way is hardly the source of the trouble. Hopefully, having mentioned the possibility of solar powered plants in the Negev, Israel will build them - I believe one is on its way. But many more are needed.
Getting back to Joe 6 pack, he too can build these. In more northern states, large magnifying glasses, about 3m across, can be used to heat water and generate electricity. So don't blame others, Joe, for your failures, the truth is the oil industry is linked to the Bushes. The rise in the price of a barrel from $30 to $130 is what caused you to lose - you paid out your money to Arabs. And it is not their fault either, unless they deliberately undermined the development of other energy forms, which ought to be a treasonable offence for an American citizen. It is your fault Joe, it is Bush's fault, it is 20th Century Fox's fault, it is Skull & Bones' fault; lay the blame where it belongs and you will start to heal.


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