Kissing my football career goodbye

By Craig Silver
August 28, 2008

It's amazing how some things in life can change so suddenly. In my last blog I expressed my excitement as I waited for the new football season to begin. But just one week ago my football career was ended forever.

I was playing a pre-season friendly, getting ready with my fellow team mates from Glenthorne United to compete in the great JC MSFL league which kicks off next Sunday (September 7).

I like to consider myself a rough and ready defensive midfielder always trying to win the ball at any cost and spread the play to the wingers. My idol is Roy Keane a player who took no prisoners in his days as the Manchester United captain.

But after winning a header and landing badly with another defender I broke my wrist in three places.

At first, I thought it was just a strain and I would be back on the field in a matter of minutes. But it was worse then that. I remember after having the x-ray shouting out to the nurse: "Surely it's just a strain, right?" The doctor later confirmed: "No, Craig, it's not a strain - your wrist is actually in pieces."

It was bad enough to hear that I would miss most of my holiday which was an America road trip with five friends. But what was worse was when the doctor said that I would need a metal plate to place the bones back together, meaning I could never play competitive sport again.

I have to be honest - that hurt, like it would hurt any 22-year old who loved playing football. I guess I just wasn't prepared to hear that sort of news.

Still, a week later and with the operation over, I feel quite hopeful that maybe one day I could have the plate removed and play again.

There's now a long road to recovery and I look forward to getting back in the gym. For now though it's back to reporting on the games rather then playing them.


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