Killing two fools with one stone

By Melvyn Kohn
October 3, 2008

Earlier this year I met Miriam Shaviv. Basically, she's a nice woman who has an innnate sense when something is wrong - and does not suffer fools gladly. So no surprise that this week she is on to B. Hussein Obama - she calls him a naif for his stance on Ahmadinejad. One could second her views for other reasons. Needless to say I am not anxious to have him move to DC. My previous post pointed out what a security nightmare that would be - every white supremacist in America with a gun - or a van full of them - out to kill him.
But do I really want John Boy and Hockey Mom guarding the launch codes? The former told us just last month how great the economy was...and the latter has a pastor who goes on witchhunts. Great. Putin sinks a US Navy ship, and they're off to seek the local witch doctor, er, um, faith healer, for direction. And no surprise if the man believes the Almighty has told him to smite Gog and Magog and start Armegeddon. Of course, since they love Israel, this is supposed to be viewed as the greatest mitzvah since the British liberated Belsen.
And if something goes wrong, well, that's the divine will - remember McCain's pastor told us as much about Hitler and his work.
I trust that Shaviv is not soliciting votes for Batman and Wonder Woman, did I not credit her with a good amount of common sense?
Her other choice for village idiot award went to our favourite cartoon character - Omar Bakri Muhammad. She reasons that his warning to Paul McCartney was behind a lot of the press he got when he finally did his concert in Israel. Useful idiot she calls Omar. At least he is not running for US President.


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