Julia Hobsbawm: tough as odd boots

By Alex Kasriel
January 16, 2009

I met PR supremo and mother of five, Julia Hobsbawn at The Groucho Club yesterday.

The exclusive members bar was a fitting place for the interview considering the power woman is best buddies with anyone who is anyone in the media industry.

We were talking about her new book, The See Saw, which is all about work life balance. Most people I have mentioned this to immediately grimace at the thought. "She just wants to talk about herself" or "She's just showing off!" they say. But maybe we can learn something from her.

She told me she was multitasking that morning by walking to our appointment while listening to a news podcast, accomplishing exercise, travel and information intake in one fell swoop.

But I was encouraged to learn about her less perfect side when she showed me that she had put on two almost identical but slightly different boots on.

Having chatted for longer I realised the book isn't about how to be everything to everyone. It's about how to be 'good enough'... even if that means wearing odd boots.

For the full feature interview, read next week's JC.