Ivanka Trump - more Jewish than the Jews

By Jessica Elgot
October 28, 2009


So Ivanka Trump has finally had her big fat Jewish wedding, and anyone doubting her commitment to the faith ought to take a look at the details for the very heimishe simcha she had marrying Orthodox beau Jared Kushner.

● The whole affair was stricly kosher, with the bride organising special caterers to come in to Trump-owned Donald's Golf Club to feed the 500 guests.

● Ivanka, like all crazed Jewish brides, kept guests on a strict timetable from 2pm until midnight, including hours set aside for photo-taking.

● Gifts for guests included a Hebrew book and a pair of diamante flip-flops with the tag: "Ivanka and Jared -- what a pair!"

● The guests danced to an orchestra which played Hava Nagila. Standard.

● Interfering mother-in-law? Check. Sheryl Kushner was reportedly the driving force behind the couple's two-month split before Ivanka committed to converting.

● The Jewish glitterati were out in force, and guests included Israeli actress Natalie Portman.

● What gifts do you give the couple who has everything? Ivanka and Jared picked out three Jewish charities guests should contribute to.

Mazel Tov Ivanka! You're truly one of us.

The honeymoon though, will be a safari in Africa. Oy! What's wrong with Tel Aviv?



Thu, 11/05/2009 - 13:30

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It's wonderful that she underwent an Orthodox conversion with Rabbi Haskel Lookstein and not a more 'convenient' and quick one. She deserves a lot of credit and I wish them Mazel Tov !


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