It's the neo-cons, stupid!

By Daniella Peled
August 19, 2008
There have been plenty of surprises in the Georgia crisis – but one aspect has been utterly predictable.
In the midst of the complex threats and dynamics of sovereignty and spheres of influence and endless Cold War rhetoric, one issue seemed crystal clear to large numbers of commentators and bloggers.
It was the neo-cons what done it.
Yup, those pesky Washington hawks were at it again. Not content with invading Afghanistan and occupying Iraq and ratcheting up tensions with Iran and being all pro-Israeli, they had now gone and messed up the Caucasus.
For some, it was cut and dried. “This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression,” raged Seumas Milne in the Guardian. Robert Sheer in the influential blog, the Huffington Post, invoked “a neoconservative cabal” stoking an international crisis to influence the US elections.
Even better, Israeli security companies have been giving extensive training to the Georgian army – and were warned to withdraw their employees by Moscow just days before the fighting began.
So now there was also a juicy Zionist connection, with whiffs of conspiracy too!
Of course, this is not to downplay US or Israeli involvement and interests in the region. The expansion of Nato, energy security, military co-operation and all the other vital details of international relations certainly played their part in this conflict.
All that bothersome detail, however, is not as sexy as shouting “It’s the neo-cons, stupid!” across the blogosphere.
Makes you wonder just what is going to happen if Barrack Obama wins the US elections. Are the neo-cons still going to wreak their wrath, or are we going to have another hazily-defined but supremely evil ideology to blame for all the world’s ills? At least it would make a nice change.


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