It's the big one - Limmud 2009

By Leon Symons
December 27, 2009

Good morning Limmud 2009. This is my first time at Limmud and already I can feel the buzz. I am the JC's resident reporter here and I will be giving you the colour and the atmosphere and the fun every day from now until Thursday, as well as news stories in the JC this week and next. My daughter Gabi and I arrived at about nine o'clock on Saturday evening to avoid the rush and it was a very wise decision as there was absolutely no-one in registration. We were through in minutes and into our rooms, which are on the University of Warwick campus and are clean and functional. My first port of call was the bar, which amazingly is called The Bar (no surprise there then), where I met some of the team who organise this event. The one thing to remember is that all these people are volunteers. So look out for Leon at Limmud>


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