Israelis Beware

By Daniella Peled
August 26, 2008

Israeli travelers have been warned of a serious and heightened threat of abduction.

Apparently Hizbollah operatives are keen to avenge the assassination of its head of operations Imad Mughniyeh, killed in a February car bombing in Damascus.

The global threat to Jews and Israelis is nothing new. But this warning is especially diffuse, as it is fails to specify a particular country, or region, or even a continent where Israelis are at particular risk.

According to Haaretz, the Counterterrorism Bureau has also urged Israelis “to turn down unexpected, tempting business or recreational offers”.

Hmm. Not sure I’ve yet met the Israeli capable of turning down one of those. And given the Israeli fondness for globe-trotting, it’s hard to imagine the general public taking much notice of this. Even actual terror attacks in places like Sinai didn’t stop them flocking there in their sun-worshipping, guitar-strumming hordes.


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