Israeli soldiers speak out

By Candice Krieger
March 30, 2009

The Israel Defense Forces have been heavily criticised over allegations of misconduct during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.
Yesterday, the soldiers had their say, launching a website to share their personal experiences of serving in the IDF and what it was like taking on Hamas in Gaza. It makes interesting viewing.
Calling themselves Soldiers Speak Out, the group provides video testimonies, highlighting the soldiers' personal accounts., was launched by educational organisation StandWithUs. Oleh Michael Dickson, director of StandWithUs Israel's office, says: "Many soldiers feel a deep sense of injustice, including those who risked their own lives in Gaza to protect Palestinian civilians. These young soldiers are deeply moral and recognise that their service is vital to a country like Israel, which is constantly endangered by terrorists and hostile neighbours.
"By putting the soldiers' stories on the Internet, they can speak to people directly. I anticipate that there will be many more soldiers speaking out."


Lord Reith

Mon, 03/30/2009 - 20:13

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Should we be a bit sceptical about this?


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