Israeli music - help needed

By mattpryor
October 20, 2010

Dear all,

Last year I bought a fantastic CD of Israeli music from a local trendy shop near where I live. I'm always looking for more exposure to Israel's quirky and charming culture, and I think Israel is one of the world leaders in innovative music. I really like listening to Radio 88 Tel Aviv over the web, which plays a fantastically eclectic mix of music, some Israeli, some British, some classics and some modern - far better than anything available on the UK's dismal airwaves. Perhaps we could learn a thing or two. The only downside is that I don't understand Hebrew so I can't listen to the news reports etc.

Interestingly when I bought it the guy in the shop told me that only the day before a woman had heard the CD playing on the stereo and had become quite angry, shouting that she was "pro-Palestinian" and he shouldn't be playing Israeli music. Just one small example of the kind of small-minded mentality we Brits have to put up with.

The album is no longer listed in the label's catalogue but is still available on their website via a Google search:

Here's a list of my favourite bands on the CD:

- Etti Ankri
- Itay Pearl
- Hadas Dagul
- Rona Kenan with Gidi Gov
- Mosh Ben Ari
- Moshav Band
- Zafa
- Sheva
- David Broza
- Tea Packs
- Amal Murkus

I was rather hoping that someone might have heard of one of the above and might be able to point me in the direction of more of the same.

Thanks in advance!
Matt :-)


Isca Stieglitz

Wed, 10/20/2010 - 17:42

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I've got David Broza's, 'First Collection' -
דויד ברוזה לקט ראשון

Gidi Gov. 'Derech Eretz' and was on a comedy show called 'Zehu Ze'.

Showing my age, but also like Danny Robas 'Names and Faces' -
דנירובס פנים ושמות

Shalom Hanoch, 'Waiting for the Messiah' -

שלום חנוך מחכים למשיח

Also, Arik Einstein, big hippy! In small doses!

And, Yehuda Poliker, 'Ashes and Dust' - You have heard it, but his song 'Little Station Treblinka' is good; harsh, but good.

For a good party starter, the old classic by Yehudit Ravitz, 'Eretz Tropit Yafa'.

Aaaaah, memories. Sorry I can't help you with your list really, but I enjoyed getting out my old collection!

Thanks :o)


Wed, 11/10/2010 - 19:21

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Thank you Isca. I bought one of Rona Kenan's albums and I love it. I'll refer back to your list when I'm ready to give Apple another £8!


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